RC Trucks For Sale

RC Trucks For Sale – 4×4 Gas Powered Beasts!

Looking for RC Trucks For Sale? Here at everything-rc-cars.com we try and make things easier for you – our readers… so look no further as we compile a list of some of the greatest RC Nitro Monster Trucks known to man and explain a little bit about them as well.

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There’s nothing like getting your very first RC monster truck that you bought on sale. The adrenaline, your smile – all of it is part of the experience of owning a nitro RC truck. I mean, nothing beats being able to rock crawl and pretty much devour any type of ground terrain out there (within reason of course).

I’m not a very big fan of buying used rc trucks, but if they’re on sale and I’m looking for a discount – I go for it. Why not right? You save money and in return you get a cheap RC Truck!

Now if you’re here to buy RC trucks then click the link in yellow above. If you’re here just to chill out and learn more then that’s cool to. Before I go on any further you can also check out our dedicated gas powered RC trucks page.

How To Choose The Best RC Trucks For Sale?


Before buying rc trucks for sale you must first decide where you will drive your RC Monster Truck. Will you be driving it…

  • Outdoors?
  • Indoors?
  • On steep cliffs?
  • At the track?

You will need to ask yourself this question before going ahead with your purchase. Why? Well if you decide to get a nitro rc truck it’s going to be a little too fast for an indoor area.

Right out of the box most RC Nitro Monster Trucks can do anywhere from 25 mph to 50 mph – Not Joking!

How Big, How Small?

Another thing I should mention is scale/size. Please make sure when looking to buy RC trucks for sale that you check out the size first. There are a bunch of different sizes such as…

  • 1/8
  • 1/4
  • 1/36
  • 1/10
  • 1/16

rc trucks for sale

If a RC truck is 1/16 scale, then that means, that it’s actually 1/16 the size – compared to the real full size version.

Electric Or Nitro RC Trucks?

Nitro First off… personally I love nitro RC trucks for sale. With nitro RC 4×4 trucks you are going to get maximum speed and maximum air time off jumps.

Most nitro rc trucks have a pull start engine  – just as you would pull your lawnmower to start it. You will have to fill a small gas tank with nitro fuel.

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Electric are a little bit slower but not by much, and require charging a battery pack, but there is nothing wrong with this or electric rc trucks for sale.

Electric RC trucks are easier to maintain and the best option for any beginner entering the arena of RC Trucks.

rc trucks for sale

It doesn’t matter really, but if you want the best then I’d say to go with Nitro RC trucks, just remember if you’re just starting out this might be a pretty crazy experience.

4×4 or 2 wheel drive?

Just a friendly reminder that some RC Trucks for sale come in 4×4 or 2 wheel drive. While 2 wheel drive is ok – I personally love 4×4 off-road capabilities in a nitro rc truck – great for rock crawling baby!

Learn More About RC Trucks

Top 10 RC Trucks For Sale

These RC Trucks are all for sale – they are listed in no particular order…

Find all these RC Trucks for sale——> >>>Click Here<<<.

rc trucks for sale

rc trucks for sale

rc trucks for sale

rc trucks for sale

rc trucks for sale

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