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So you’ve landed on another newsletter page thinking you’ve already got a million other newsletters, why join this one?

Well, first of all, if you’re into RC’s as much as we are, you’ll find that it’s tough to get all the latest information in one location.

So, we’re making our own newsletter, one that will combine information for both newcomers and experts alike. Our commitment is that our newsletter will actually be sent (unlike others) and have excellent information that you’re definitely going to like!

“Information? What type of information?” Well, by signing up with our Bi-Monthly newsletter, everymonth you’ll receive a PACKED e-mail including:

  • News from the last two weeks in RC.
  • Latest/upcoming racing events and results.
  • Upcoming products + new technology and developments in the RC world.
  • Exclusive product reviews and comparisons, with pros, cons and recommendations for drivers.
  • Maintenance + technical tips transcribed into a language you can understand.
  • Links to popular forum threads + online RC articles we believe will be useful to you.
  • Links to the latest/best videos and pictures of RCs in action (our favorite).
  • Gift ideas + exclusive discounts to online RC merchants.
  • Anything else we deem relevant and helpful to you!

And yes, we will never, ever, ever sell ANY information we collect from you. Your e-mail and name will be kept strictly confidential and will be used for our newsletter purposes only. We’re humans too, and we hate spam just as much as the rest of the population.

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