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Lost In Translation?  Questions, questions!  So many questions!  Questions are good, in fact, not only do they help others learn, but they also help us provide our visitors with better information to serve you right. So don’t worry, you’re in good hands. Listed below are some of the more common rc faq’s and how to’s from our visitors.

With so many RC car brands like Traxxas, HPI, CEN, Kyosho and with so many different makes and models – it seems like your choices just keep going on and on.

Don’t get lost in all this RC babble and actually know what it means by looking at some of the more common questions asked among beginner RC enthusiasts.

Are You Looking For A Selection RC Cars and Trucks?

You might want to check HobbyTron.com (U.S.) and RC Planet (Global) for your RC car and truck needs, but it is recommended that you read our Tips For Selecting RC Cars and Trucks Onlinebeforehand.

Read the comprehensive RC Hobby Shops reviews for more detailed information and to simplify your search.

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Traxxas Ford Mustang Boss 302
Check out this 1/16th scale RTR electric RC Car – See the review with pictures and videos!

How To Tune Your Nitro RC Car Engine 
Learn the basics on how to tune your gas powered engine. Lots of tips, tricks and some video footage.

Bugatti Veyron RC Car
Check Out This Little Electric RTR RC Car. The Bugatti Veyron Radio Control Car is inspired by the real full scale sports car. You can drift, go fast and even do jumps – the Bugatti Veyron remote control car looks very slick and is super easy to use. Meant for collectors or the absolute beginner RC Enthusiast!

How To Clean And Maintain Your Brushless Motor
In this 11 step article you will learn how to clean your brushless motor as well as maintaining it. There are some supplies you will need to complete this little project, but at the end you will have prolonged the life of your brushless engine.

HPI Savage X 4.6 Review
The fairly new 4×4 Nitro Monster truck from HPI Racing – This is a crazy basher that is super durable and capable of high speeds for a 1/8th scale nitro monster truck – check out videos and pictures.

Traxxas Rally 
The Traxxas Rally VXL is a 1/16th Electric RC Car. Great for RC Car drifting, sharp turns, fast maneuvers and good ol racing fun. It takes on the new type of racing called Gymkhana.. check it out!

Traxxas Slayer
Looking for a Nitro 4×4 RC Short Course Racing Truck? Looks no further guys – this one’s got all the good stuff. Torque, Power, Durability are just some of the things that Traxxas offers their users.Traxxas Summit
The Traxxas Summit is a very large electric monster truck. It has a very large motor (775 Titan) that can literally pull the weight of a child – check the videos if you don’t believe me! Lots of aftermarket parts and upgrades available with this beast read on folks!

Traxxas Slash 4×4
Check out the all new Traxxas Slash 4×4 Review. You can also read up about the 2WD, VXL, Ultimate and Platinum editions. New bodies, Kits, hop ups, upgrades, pro’s and con’s.

RC Trucks For Sale
RC Trucks For Sale – This article is all about nitro and gas powered RC trucks for sale. Plenty of 4×4, used gas RC trucks to choose from. You will learn about electric, and Cheap RC Trucks – Questions like Electric Or Nitro? 4×4 or 2WD? What scale/size is best? Traxxas or HPI Racing?

Cheap RC Cars For Sale
Cheap RC Cars For Sale – Are you on a tight budget? Curious where to buy rc cars, nitro rc cars & electric/drift cars online? Check out this article, it should help you buy remote control cars & trucks without breaking the bank!

Tamiya TNX 5.2R
The Tamiya Nitro TNX 5.2R is one of the best RC monster trucks available today. Click here to see a review, pictures, videos & more!

Tamiya TXT-1
When it comes to brute power and torque, nothing can beat RC trucks like the Tamiya TXT 1. With over 50 years of experience, Tamiya comes out in the lead with this bad boy!

Duratrax Nitro Evader Bx
The Duratrax Nitro Evader Bx is known for its convenience as it offers an all-in-one package to its users. Check out the review, videos and pictures of it in action!

Team Associated Nitro TC3
The Team Associated Nitro TC3 raised the standard of the RC sedan by leaps and bounds. The tc3 is one of the best nitro powered 4WD cars ever produced by Team Associated.

1/6th Scale RC Monster Trucks
Check out the goliaths of the radio controlled world, the best 1/6 scale rc monster trucks that you can get for your money.

Traxxas Revo supercharger
Traxxas revo supercharger is a high tech solution for all high speed RC car aficionados, to be used for fuel flow to the engines to make cars run consistently.


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