RC Car Comparisons

RC Car Comparisons

Comparing RC cars and trucks can be tricky. The truth is though, you can’t really select the wrong RC car. There is practically something out there for everyone. But, there are those times when you thought you wanted something, and once you got it, you realized there was a better model available that you should have gotten. Happens to the best of us I’m afraid. That’s where RC Car comparisons come in handy.

There are so many options available – Traxxas, HPI, CEN, Nikko, Kyosho, Tamiya, XTM, GS, Team Losi – it can all get quite confusing if you’re new to the RC world.

So which one do you get? Well, there is no simple answer to this question because if there was one true great RC car or truck, then everyone would have it, wouldn’t they? Ultimately it’s up to you to decide what you want – the look, the speed, the price. So, start by identifying what you want first and then see our recommended comparisons.

Are You Looking For A Selection RC Cars and Trucks?

You might want to check HobbyTron.com (U.S.) and RC Planet(Global) for your RC car and truck needs, but it is recommended that you read our Tips For Selecting RC Cars and Trucks Onlinebeforehand.

Read the comprehensive RC Hobby Shops reviews for more detailed information and to simplify your search.

What Do You Want From Your RC Car Or Truck?

  • When comparing, first make sure you know what type of RC car you’re looking for. There are RC cars or RC trucks – with nitro and electric versions available in both – determine which one is best suited to your needs.
  • Engine Power – when choosing rc nitro cars, often it is best to go with the latest engine available because manufacturers tweak and fix errors in their older models. They also offer greater horsepower and the end result is less time in pit stops and more time racing. Newer modeled engines such as Traxxas’s TRX 3.3 or HPI’s F 4.1 are good examples to keep in mind when comparing.
  • Speed – The speed of an RC car is vital. How fast are you thinking? 45+ mph65+ mph? Or maybe you aren’t in to that kind of speed and would like something less powerful – when comparing vehicles, make sure you know how fast you want to go.
  • Handling – you need to be able to control your RC vehicle at top speeds. Make sure that the RC car you’re looking for has been manufactured for just that type of thing. You can see the Traxxas Jato or Traxxas Revo as good examples.
  • Wheelbase – a wider or longer wheelbase ultimately means more stability with your vehicle. Traxxas makes a great line of trucks with long wheelbases – including the Traxxas Revo.
  • Terrain – depending on what type of terrain you want to cover, you might want to choose an RC car suitable for pavement, or ready for rock crawling. I would suggest seeing HPI RacingCEN Racing or Traxxas if you want to handle some rugged terrain.
  • Stunts – Most RC vehicles can pull of stunts – some better than others. I recommend seeing the Traxxas Jato for all around terrain stunts (on road and off), and either the Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec or the HPI RS4 for RC drifting purposes.
  • Easy Starter Systems – when choosing nitro vehicles, a lot of nitro cars come with a pull start engine, which can be quite the annoyance at times. I recommend going with an easy start system which starts up the engine with a push of a button. Try Traxxas for their ‘EZ Start’ system.
  • Remote control car kits – If you’re looking to build your own rc car, then definitely go with a kit. A kit enables you to build from a set-frame, allowing for optimal customization. See the HPI Savage or the HPI Savage 4.6 SS.
  • Hop Ups – simply put, upgrades. They range from body hop ups to nuts and bolts. This makes it so that in the future, you can easily upgrade your vehicle. When comparing, make sure that the vehicles you’re reading about talk about hop ups. See theRC car reviews page for more information.
  • Wheelie Bars – kind of a personal choice, wheelie bars attached to your RC vehicle help you do longer, more stable pop-a-wheelie’s. A must have if you want to impress or pull off better stunts.

Recommended Comparisons

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