RC Car Article Directory – page 3

RC Car Article Directory – Page 3

HPI Baja 5B
HPI Baja 5B’s 32 inch length is a little intimidating. Built to take on rough terrain, this buggy’s traction and handling will blow your mind.

HPI’s RC Nitro MT2 truck’s tough shaft drive layout performs in all off-roading terrains. Style and performance make the MT2 a contender in the nitro-truck realm.

HPI Nitro RS4 3 Evo lets you fully customize with a choice of several HPI bodies, including the Dodge Viper, pictured below.

HPI Sprint 2 
HPI’s RC Sprint Car 2 series gives you a variety of bods to choose from and is easy to handle for beginners, and easy to hop up for the pros.

RC Car Tires
Need to know what types of rc car tires exist and how to change your tire? Keep reading and you will learn that and more.

HPI Savage 3 Speed Transmission
HPI Savage 3 Speed Transmission kit with its extra gear for the HPI Savage 21, 25, & SS trucks can tremendously boost their performance to smoke out the competition.

RC Components
Knowing your RC Car components is an essential part of maintaining your RC Car. Here we’ll outline how to clean, tune and shape your RC components.

HPI Savage 4.6 SS Review
The HPI Savage 4.6 SS has become a rage with the RC newbies and the veterans alike. These trucks are the “grass roots” of the RC type motors. The advent of the HPI Savage has brought in a multitude of new hobbyists into the RC market.

RC Car Batteries
RC car batteries are essential components of electric cars and trucks, providing power to motors and transmitters, there are several types of such batteries.

RC Ball Bearings
RC ball bearings are used in many components of rc cars and trucks and they improve the overall performance of such components.

1/6th Scale RC Monster Trucks
Check out the goliaths of the radio controlled world, the best 1/6 scale rc monster trucks that you can get for your money.

Team Associated Nitro TC3
The Team Associated Nitro TC3 raised the standard of the RC sedan by leaps and bounds. The tc3 is one of the best nitro powered 4WD cars ever produced by Team Associated.

Duratrax Nitro Evader Bx
The Duratrax Nitro Evader Bx is known for its convenience as it offers an all-in-one package to its users. Check out the review, videos and pictures of it in action!

Tamiya TXT-1
When it comes to brute power and torque, nothing can beat RC trucks like the Tamiya TXT 1. With over 50 years of experience, Tamiya comes out in the lead with this bad boy!

HPI Firestorm
The HPI Nitro Firestorm 10T is a great new 1/10th scale RC truck by HPI Racing. Read more for pictures, reviews and videos!

Tamiya TNX 5.2R
The Tamiya Nitro TNX 5.2R is one of the best RC monster trucks available today. Click here to see a review, pictures, videos & more!

Duratrax Nitro Evader ST
The Duratrax Nitro Evader ST is one of the best RC trucks to hit the racing circuit. Best for first time racers, read the review here and see pictures and videos of the evader in action!

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