RC Car Article Directory – page 2

RC Car Article Directory – Page 2

HPI Savage 25 RTR
HPI Savage 25 RTR is one of HPI’s classic models. High performance nitro vehicle that’s sure to please anyone. Pictures and videos included.

HPI Savage X 
There has to be something behind HPI Savage’s continued dominance in the popular arena of big block monster trucks, and the newest HPI Savage X is bound to continue the trend.

Traxxas E Maxx
Traxxas E Maxx is the first of its class in Traxxas’ forward/reverse acceleration equipped RC Trucks. A powerful contender in the RC Truck world, E Maxx braves the roughest kinds of terrain.

Traxxas Jato
Traxxas Jato is a multi-purpose RC Car and Truck. With Jato’s on-road and off-road operation and speeds of over 65mph, you can take this bad boy anywhere. Pictures and videos included.

Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec
Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec 3.3 is like a Remote Controlled version of a Ferrari Spyder in terms of sleek appeal and performance. Videos and Pictures included.

Traxxas Revo
Traxxas Revo is any persons dream RC monster truck. It outdoes any other RC truck, and with many parts and hop ups available and the TRX 3.3 engine, the traxxas revo is hard to beat. Pictures and videos included.

Traxxas Rustler
The bright orange and black Traxxas Rustler is just a flash of colour in action, reaching speeds of up to 50mph and available in both nitro and electric-powered versions.

Traxxas Stampede
Traxxas Stampede is a force among RC Monster Trucks not to be reckoned with. The first among Traxxas’ monster trucks with superior handling and wide range of hop ups available, this RC vehicle leaves the sluggish, heavy rep of RC trucks in the dust.

HPI Rush Evo
HPI’s Nitro Rush Evo has wicked grippy tires that are steadfast on all types of terrain, be it pavement or dirt mounds.

HPI Hellfire
HPI’s Hellfire stands true to it’s dangerous name; this powerful little RC truck rips up the roads and causes havoc (but the fun kind).

CEN Nemesis
Taking hints from it’s predecessor the CEN Genesis .46, the CEN Nemesis 7.7 combines strength and power to give the ultimate in monster truck performance.

CEN Genesis
Powered by raw hard steel, CEN Genesis .46 RC nitro truck is designed to take all the punishment you can dish out.

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