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HPI Racing: World Class High Performance

HPI Racing makes some of the best rc cars available today. Considered one of the leaders in the RC industry, they are definitely competing for top spot against other popular brands such as Traxxas.  HPI is known for making reliable and quality high-performance rc race cars. They’re used by both professionals and beginners.

Their RC trucks, a focal point for the company, are durable and as HPI would say ‘proven strong.’ They couldn’t be more correct! Although HPI constructs mainly nitro vehicles, they also have a good sprint series for electric gurus as well. With many racing event wins under their belt, HPI is more confident than ever – and that means more high quality RC cars and trucks for all of us!

Race Into 2017 With HPI – You Can’t Go Wrong

HPI Means Tough-Terrain Business!

If you’re looking for RC cars that go faster than your regular vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. Take your kids out to a nice big field, construct some jumps and keep them entertained for hours with HPI’s products. Below we’ll overview some of HPI’s best models so you can choose which ones best suit your needs!

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Check out the crazy **NEW** HPI Savage X 4.6 Nitro Monster Truck!

HPI Savage X

The HPI Savage X is faster, more durable and more adjustable than it’s predecessor the HPI Savage. HPI made a lot of changes to this vehicle, which include features like a wider more aggressive body, new graphics and an optional nylon roll cage for the engine of your Savage. Click the link above to read the full review.

HPI Baja 5b

One word can describe this vehicle: huge! At 1/5th scale, this bad boy can rip across sand dunes and take amazingly huge jumps with ease. With rear wheel drive, the Baja has double wishbone suspension with adjustable roll center, plus long suspension arms and higher ground clearance that allows you to go places the smaller-scale buggies could never hope to conquer. Click the link above to see full review, including pictures and videos of it in action!


Along with the same tried and tested layout as the original Nitro MT, the MT2 boasts stronger gears, larger dog bones and an improved slipper clutch. The foundation of the MT2 is built tough with a 2.5mm thick purple anodized aluminum chassis, and a new molded plastic gear guard protects the spur gear from rocks and debris. Click the link above to read the full review.

HPI Hellfire

This 1/8th scale truck has been added to HPI’s monster truck line-up to up the ante in performance, agility and handling. The Hellfire features an all-new suspension and steering geometries especially designed to enhance handling in monster trucks. The Hellfire’s internal drive ratio is optimized for .21 and .28 race engines and monster truck tires. This optimization allows for faster speeds and better handling than your average buggy. Click the link above for the full review.

Other HPI Racing Model Reviews

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