How to Clean and Maintain Your Brushless Motor

How To Clean And Maintain Your Brushless Motor

What You Will Need…With the price of everything going up these days it’s no wonder you want to know how to clean and maintain your brushless motor. Fear not young grasshopper I will show you want to do and why you should to it.

One of the reasons so many people like brushless motors is because of their true power and efficiency. Also if you’re looking for true power you can check our rc nitro cars.

But just like anything, it’s going to need cleaning and maintenance to prolong its lifetime.

Now I know some of you who are just starting out might be a little intimidated about taking out your brushless motor and cleaning it. Not to worry, here at  we will show you how step by step.  Check out some videos at the bottom of the page.

  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Clean Cloth Or Paper Towel Or Cotton Swab
  • Old Tooth Brush Or A Brush – Nothing Abrasive!
  • Optional: Bucket Of Warm Water
  • Soldering Iron
  • Optional: Clear Tape And A Marker
  • Optional: Digital Camera
  • Plastic Bag (small ziplock lunch bag)
  • Compressed Can Of Air
  • Optional: Motor Spray

If you don’t have all the materials to clean your brushless motor you can just use your imagination. If you can take apart a motor and put it back together I have confidence you can find the rc supplies you need.

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how to clean and maintain your brushless motor

1 – Take Out That Motor

The first thing you need to do is take the motor out of your remote control car. This first step can be a little tricky but don’t worry you’ll get it. Now use some needle nose pliers to take the sensor wire from the engine (or speed control depending on your rig).

Try to not pull on the wires solely – this is because you risk messing up the plug if you’re tugging on them. Next de-solder the three motor wires using a soldering iron, OR if you have the option of manually disconnecting them do that..

2 – Clean That Motor!

Ok so we have removed the motor from the casing/chassis and now you want to clean your motor… Wait a second there not so fast.

First thing you want to do is clean the outside of the motor. Why? Well there might have been a build up of dust, dirt and general debris on the outside of the motor. So take a cloth and wipe her down then use a toothbrush (or use your imagination) to clean those hard to reach places.

Take it easy with the toothbrush – don’t scratch anything, and of course watch out for the exposed areas like the bearings the sensor wire plug, and other rc car components.

how to clean and maintain your brushless motor3 – Clean The Solder Tabs Man!

When you’re cleaning your brushless motor it is important to remember the solder tabs. There are 3 of them at the back of the motor and often debris/solder will get in between the tabs.

Take your time to clean this areaand be careful about it. If you don’t get all the dirt/debris out of the tabs you risk shorting your engine or even damaging it – use due diligence. Make sure that the old solder between the tabs hasn’t totally built up and that it’s not touching more then one tab at a time.

Now, if you see that the solder has built up and is touching the tabs use your soldering iron to heat it up and wipe it away with a damp cloth – make sure you wipe before the solder cools ok?

4 – Time to uhh… Mark The Timing.

So you’re getting very close to opening up the actual motor now dude. Before you do this make sure that you mark your timing that you already set.

Just use a marker and put a piece of clear tape over it and that should do the trick.

When you are all ready to put the motor back together you’ll have your timing marked properly and won’t be pissed off about forgetting it!

5 – Open That Baby Up – By Baby, I Mean Your Motor!

Ok so you’re ready and willing to clean your brushless motor, well now’s your chance big guy. Don’t be scared about it, it’s not going to bite you.

Make sure when you are taking the motor apart you keep all the small pieces (washers, screws) all together and most importantly… remember the way you took it apart.

I know this sounds obvious, but seriously put them in an order you can remember beside you in your work space. If you’re still worried about this part of taking your motor apart you should take pictures of everything and document it with a digital camera.

The biggest part you should worry about in this part is the rotor, as soon as you carefully and diligently remove it – put it into a plastic bag (ziplock), this will make it so no dirt or dust gets on it!

how to clean and maintain your brushless motor6 – Blow Your Parts…

You’re probably wondering what blowing has to do with cleaning your motor. What you want to do here is get a compressed can of dust off or a dust blower that you would use on your computers keyboard.

So when you have your motor apart start blowing the parts with the dust off. Obviously this step is a great way to clean the parts of your motor and keep them well maintained for a longer life.

7 – Check On The Bearings Mang..

To see if your rc ball bearings are working you want to stick the rotor into the bearings and spin that wheel of fortune to see if the bearings are spinnin good or not. If they’re not spinning good you’ll need to have these replaced if you want to maintain the integrity of the whole motor.

If your bearings are good to go, it’s a great idea to clean them. How do you clean your bearings? Simple – just make sure you oil them down after cleaning them with a paper towel or cotton swab.

8 – Rotor Cleaning Time

The next step in the process of cleaning and maintaining your brushless motor is to take the time to give your rotor some love.

It’s very important that you clean the rotor just before you are about to put the motor back together – this will make sure that no dirt has gotten on the rotor.

Ok so how to clean the rotor? Use normal clear tape. Take the tape and wrap it around your index and middle finger with the sticky side pointing out all the way around. Now all you do is just dab around the rotor as if you were using a lint brush on your nicest suit or dress shirt.

Suit? Hey… some of us like to bash while looking slick… just kidding.

how to clean and maintain your brushless motor

9 – Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again..

Ok assuming you haven’t lost any rc car parts or damaged something (which you shouldn’t have if you followed directions) it’s time to put your motor back together again.

I hope you arranged the parts the same way you took them off, OR you’re using your documented pictures to help you on the assembly. Most importantly on this step, take your time putting this baby back together and also don’t tighten your screws to tight.

10 – Zoom Zoom..

Time to run the motor to see if you did a good job.  Make sure you do this step before you put the motor back into your rc car. After you run it and it sounds good and is ripping again just take a second look at the screws – make sure they are still tight/snug.


how to clean and maintain your brushless motor



Don’t worry about cleaning your brushless motor too much. You only need to do this once or twice a year and this will maintain the motor.

Another tip for you – go buy a dirt diaper for your motor. It goes around the motor and makes sure no dirt gets on it and also filters any air that enters your brushless.

Check out our rc hobby shop online page to find dirt diapers.

11 – Ummm….

What are you still doing here?  Get out there and bash it up man!

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