HPI Firestorm 10T Nitro 1/10 RTR

HPI Firestorm 10T: Fire In The Hole!

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Fresh from the factory, the HPI Firestorm 10T is HPI’s newest addition to the RC market. This baby rings in at about $275 and bound to be one of the baddest 2WD nitro stadium trucks around. To give you a better idea of what the Firestorm has to offer, we’ve compiled a review to see if the newest addition to HPI’s line-up is worth your hard-earned cash. So lets start off by looking at the best aspects of the newbie to the RC scene…

The Good:

  • Not a slouch in the design department, the Firestorm has the same designer as the Hellfire and the Pro 4. It’s actually pretty obvious when you look at the make of the Firestorm. A lot of the design of the new Firestorm is actually carried over from the Hellfire — including the black upper deck, hex screws, suspension layout, and front and rear hinge pins.
  • A black and orange themed paint-job with flame decals makes the Firestorm’s colors suite it’s name. And ultimately if the halloween-y colors aren’t your thing, you can get a paint job that reflects your own style better.
  • Looks aren’t everything however, the Firestorm’s performance is also up to par. With an RTR pull-start system — which have been known to be a tad glitchy in other models — you’ll be seriously surprised at how easily the Firestorm’s engine gets revving.
  • The center of gravity on the Firestorm is very very low.
  • Very durable – made of steel and aluminum.
  • The air filter looks as if its an aftermarket part, creating a better burn of your nitro fuel and ultimately higher speeds. In addition, it features a new G3.0 racing engine – basically translating into better power transfer and more efficient cooling.
  • The Firestorm also has great speed and agility when cutting corners, but you wouldn’t think it because the stock springs seem a little soft. It’s also great at taking, and landing — with minor exceptions — jumps.
  • For those who are enthusiasts of the bigger 1/8th trucks, the Firestorm has a relatable aspect: you can tune the gears with differential oils in a really similar way.
  • The tires that come stock with the Firestorm are decent. They run on pretty much any terrain without any problems, although they are admittedly better on pavement.
  • The Firestorm comes stock with ribbed front tires for great traction around corners, and has new mini-pin racing tires to the rear of the truck. Plus, if you’re in the market for new tires, HPI’s 12mm hex hub adapter makes it easy-as-pie to find replacements.

So now that we’ve checked out the goods on this bad boy, we’ll look at a couple of the down-sides.

The Not-So-Good:

  • It’s really too bad, but the Firestorm comes with plastic bushings in the steering bell cranks, which aren’t as durable as ball bearings – so you’ll want to replace them with rubber or metal bearings. You should be able to pick up some for about $15 at your local hobby shop, or online.
  • If you want your brakes tight, they come stock a tad loose, so you may want to tighten both the quick adjust and the brake plates if you want your truck to stop quicker.
  • When you’re jumping, you’ll want to keep up the RPMs in order to prevent the front of your Firestorm from diving.

All in all though, the Firestorm is a great new addition to HPI’s line-up of trucks. There isn’t too much bad to say. It handles great, goes super fast, jumps great, and with a bit of tightening, it brakes great too! What more could you ask for from a truck? The Firestorm receives a 4.7/5.

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RC Car Videos Of The HPI Firestorm 10T!

HPI Firestorm In The Snow!

HPI Firestorm Promotional Video

Watch How Fast The Firestorm Goes In This Video!

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