Duratrax1/10 Nitro Evader Bx RTR Buggy

Duratrax Nitro Evader Bx

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The Duratrax Nitro Evader Bx comes with a combination of quality hardware within a factory-built package and is complete with support equipment, which enables even beginners to get on to the track instantly. This first grade ready-to-run (RTR) buggy also offers its users perks such as fuel bottle, a glow igniter, instructional video, and one-year warranty for breakage on almost all the crucial RC Car parts.

Pro’s And Con’s

Here we’ll outline some of the positives and negatives of the buggy to help you decide what’s best for you. Although, there’s not very much bad to say about this bad boy!


duratrax nitro evader bx


  • Has a blue-anodized backbone with 7075 T6 aluminum chassis topped by an upper deck of molded plastic and a compact lower deck.
  • Mounts all its hardware as well as radio gear in the chassis’ middle, which minimizes weight transfer while cornering.
  • The chassis’ edges are rolled up decently to add rigidity.
  • The chassis’ upper deck makes it a box structure, enhancing handling and helping shielding the radio gear against dirt and fuel
  • Power is put to ground by a sealed 3-gear box that is well-bracketed by a solid anodized slipper clutch together with an adjustable ball differential. This clutch improves the life of the gears, giving the Evader more stability. Moreover, the ball diff works without using the backlash of gear unit, which improves cornering.
  • Speeds of over 35 mph!
  • A large aluminum engine mount helps anchoring the entire assembly to chassis.
  • A 2-needble rotary carburetor ensures maximum turn ability and is well equipped with throttle-return springs – a safety feature everyone must have.


  • The battery box hangs off the chassis’ aft of its rear-suspension bulkhead, exposing itself to harsh impact of hard objects. However, users may not worry because even this part of the buggy is covered by Duratrax’s Stress-Tech Warranty.
  • Bottoms out over jumps easier than RC trucks since its a buggy, and doesn’t handle bumps as well.
  • High speed needle valve can be a little rich.
  • Fuel tank is pretty small, making run time less than other buggies.


For a buggy, I give the Duratrax Nitro Evader BX a 3.8/5. If you’re new to the hobby, this is a great buggy for a first-timer. If you’re a pro RC racer, with a little customizing, and a replacement of the fuel tank – you’ll be tearin’ up the competition in no time.

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Duratrax Nitro Evader BX RC Car Video!

Homemade Video of The BX Taking Some Jumps

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