Team Associated Nitro TC3 Review

The Sheer Power Of The Team Associated Nitro TC3

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When ‘Team Associated’ started off as ‘Associated Electrical’ about 50 years back, little did they know that they would be one of the biggest and best companies ever to manufacture RC cars.  From manufacturing slot cars all the way to technologically advanced RC cars, team associated has come a long way.  But what has remained constant over all these years is their commitment towards excellence.  They still look at each car as a symbol of their company and strive to make it perfect.  So you can relax as far as the quality of the cars is concerned.

Team Associated Nitro TC3 Review – Pictures and Videos

team associated nitro tc3

When you redesign a popular car, you have to make sure that it retains all the qualities of the old one and yet possesses new qualities. In short, the car has to be a much more enhanced version of the old one. The TC3 is a absolute great car if you want to win races and do a lot of drifting. I would recommend this product for those of you that want a little more edge in your RC car, but if you’re new to RC’s, then a similar car like the Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec might be more suitable since it’s easier to run with right out of the box.


  • Breaks are extremely durable and even have a floating carbon steel rotator. This makes it great for drifting and racing. No other RC car can top the breaking mechanism on this car.
  • Revised rear suspension, making it handle like a dream.
  • Various engine positions and power pack locations, making it easy to modify to your needs. It also makes it so you can choose your power preference.
  • Adjustable gears that make it possible for the car to adjust on all kinds of different tracks.
  • Un-like most RC cars, it doesn’t come pre-assembled with plastic bushings. You won’t need to worry about replacing or wearing them down since they come with metal bearings.
  • Extremely user friendly


  • The car does have some acceleration issues, but it’s nothing much. Once it reaches top speeds, there isn’t really anything to complain about.
  • Only really good on smooth/flat surfaces. Any dirt and debris might be a problem for your spur gear.
  • Tweaking your original servo can improve the steering on the TC3, but there’s nothing really too wrong with this vehicle in the first place – it wins many many races!


I give the Team Associated Nitro TC3 a 4.5/5. It’s one great car, it handles well, drifts well and even better – races great! If you want to win or impress, this vehicle is a must get!

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Video of Team Associated Nitro TC3 Drifting

Video of Team Associated Nitro TC3 That’s Been Modified To Go 134.4MPH

This video is considered to be on of the fastest RC cars in the world. Nic Case is the driver who topped this speed – in another run he made that same car went 160.1MPH!

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