1/6th (1:6) Scale RC Monster Trucks Reviews

All About The Giants –1/6 Scale RC Monster Trucks!

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Face it… there’s a limited number of 1/6 scale RC monster trucks out there that can lay claim to being best in their class. So, sifting through these limited choices and getting the best bang for your buck is a top priority.

Some of the best 1/6 scale RC monster trucks in the marketplace include the FG BigFoot 1/6 RTR Monster Truck and the Carson Comanche 1/6 RTR Monster Truck. While these are some of the best RTR monster trucks available in the market, there are also several kits which can be used to convert trucks such as the HPI Savage 4.6 SS into a 1/6 scale monster truck. You can find out more about this kits by browsing some online RC hobby shops.

Best 1/6th Scale RC Monster Trucks – Pictures and Videos

  • FG BigFoot 1/6th RTR Monster Truck
  • Carson Comanche 1/6th RTR Monster Truck

FG BigFoot 1/6th RTR Monster Truck

1/6th scale rc monster trucks picture

One of the most popular 1/6 scale RC monster trucks in the market is the FG BigFoot 1/6 RTR Monster Truck. At the heart of this German made truck is a 26ccm engine running on an ordinary 2-stroke petrol-oil mixture, capable of providing 45 minutes of driving fun. This 2WD drive monster truck comes with a 480mm wheelbase and huge tires, and can overcome any terrain. This truck includes a two piece body of transparent polycarbonate. Available in two versions – the RTR version comes with a Nomadio digital radio, Hitec servos, receiver battery and charger. The RTR version is priced higher at around US $1,999 while the version without the radio is priced at US $1,210.

Carson Comanche 1/6th RTR Monster Truck

1/6th scale rc monster trucks picture 2

Popular among 1/6 scale RC monster trucks is the Carson Comanche 1/6 RTR Monster Truck. Currently priced at around US $1505, this monster truck can ride over any opposition. This monster truck incorporates a 2WD rear wheel drive and a hi-torque 27cc, 2-stroke pull start petrol engine. Fueled by a 1:25 fuel mixture this truck can run for 40-45 minutes on one tank of fuel! Sold fully assembled with an Acoms Steerwheel radio system, its high-tech chassis, great ground clearance and monstrous tires really do provide outstanding performance.

Video Of 1/6th Scale RC Monster Trucks In Action!

Here’s a video of some FG race trucks in action. As you can see, they’re pretty massive!

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