Videos of the Traxxas Jato Nitro Rtr 2.5 Stadium Truck

Looking For Videos Of The Traxxas Jato Nitro RTR 2.5 Stadium Truck?

When you combine the best ideas with technology, you are bound to get astounding results.  This is what happens at Traxxas.  The company has been manufacturing radio controlled hobby class cars and trucks since the last few years. The expert engineering team at Traxxas conducts loads of research before they finalize any car to hit the road.  There is a genuine attempt to make each car better than its predecessor.  So after years of research and customer input, Traxxas finally released a high power speed monster called the Jato.  The Jato was an unexpected revolution.  It bought with it new standards for performance, control and durability.  When it came from the stable of Traxxas, it had to be a hit.  The basic design of the Traxxas Jato nitro rtr 2.5 stadium truck was retained from the monster Traxxas Revo.  One look at the videos of the Traxxas Jato nitro rtr 2.5 stadium truck will give you a better idea of what we are talking about. Click here to check out the videos!

But what is the Traxxas Jato?  Why so much of fuss about an off road racing truck? Well, for the technical jargon, the Jato is another 1/10 scale 2WD nitro racing truck. But it is not the technical aspects that we are concerned about here. It’s the performance that matters. The Jato is a pure performer. It has been built with top class design that is superior to the rest – excellent acceleration, a stronger chassis and controls that react instantly. At its core lies a TRX 2.5 racing engine and when you combine this with the internal two speed transmission, you get acceleration like never before. The Jato can easily top 55mph and as it zooms past you, it will simply blow you away. When you race with the Jato, it will be an experience that you will never forget for the rest of the life. The videos of the Traxxas Jato nitro rtr 2.5 stadium truck will show you how easy it is to control the Jato and how it can hit amazing top speeds.

The tuning DVD which comes with the pack will help you to get more acquainted with the most innovatively engineered, high performing racing RC truck of all time. If you compare the performance of the Jato with other similar RC trucks, you will see that the Jato clearly outperforms all of them. Once again Traxxas has shown the difference between the leaders and the followers. The Special semi metallic friction material used in the Slipper clutch provides excellent control as it facilitates better heat dissipation.

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