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Traxxas RC cars were the first to create craze for ready to run cars, which can be operated straight from the package. Traxxas cars, since it’s been launched, has been a #1 favorite among RC car hobbyists from around the world – as well as have been famous to support its owners with the best possible customer service. From the origin in Plano, Texas, Traxxas has been driving the world of RC aficionados with its astonishing performance of its radio controlled cars.

Engineers and designers of Traxxas RC cars have made cars of two distinguished classes – one being electric versions which include the E-maxx, Bandit, Spirit, Rustler, Stampede – the another is the nitro powered series for true RC fans, with a wide range including: T-maxx, S-maxx, Sportsmaxx, Nitro 4-tec, Nitro Stampede, Nitro Rustler, Nitro Sport, Revo and Jato.

Owners of Traxxas RC cars find it quite easy to own and operate a their vehicles, (without any professional help!) by using the guide of their instruction manuals. This useful instruction manual is included in the package of all RC cars of Traxxas and also incorporate a professional set up tuning DVD.

Quick Overview of Traxxas Models:

Traxxas T-Maxx

T-maxx is the monster truck model of Traxxas. It’s widely successful since its launching. This T-maxx is considered to formalize the racing category in the industry, with its more powerful motor, suspensions, and improved radio system.

S-maxx and Sportsmaxx

The S-maxx or Stadium Maxx was previously the same as Sports Maxx. Later, the S-maxx was re-launched with a different body shell, better tires that ideally suit races and two-speed transmission.

Traxxas Revo

Revo, also a monster truck, which is an advanced version of the T-maxx with more reliable technology than T-maxx. Differences from T-maxx include suspension system, an improved aluminum chassis, an additional electronically controlled reverse and a more powerful transmission and engine.

Traxxas Jato

Jato is the new entry to the pack of RC cars in Traxxas. This is a 1/10 nitro model. Its ‘EZ Start’ system of Traxxas, automatic two speed gearbox, larger wheels ad tires, 55 mph top speed, increased suspension travel have made it distinct from the similar counterparts in the industry.

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