Traxxas Revo Supercharger

Traxxas Revo Supercharger

The Traxxas Revo supercharger is made to cater to the RC car aficionados to intensify their game with more consistency.  Numerous RC owners often seek reliable sources to dig out information on superchargers for the Traxxas Revo – realizing this need, we, at eveything-rc-cars-com have presented comprehensive information on the most compatible superchargers.

An RB Nitro Blue anodized supercharger is recommended – it’s made to fit the Traxxas Revo precisely.  Gain more power and stability to your Revo with this great supercharger.  If you love rc cars & trucks then you’ll love the Traxxas brand.

Let Your Traxxas Revo Gain The Following Upgrades By Installing This Power Boosting Supercharger:

1. The Traxxas Revo gets more powerful, as much as 15.6% to 27.3%, depending on the combination of pipe and engine installation

2. The Traxxas Revo increases its air intake by 50%, up to 200%.

3. This supercharger mitigates complete assembly weights less than ½ ounce.

This supercharger for the Traxxas Revo is a high tech breakthrough and the engine of your Revo is supposed to be re-tuned once by a sound technical person after installing it to the car. This supercharger, by reinforcing the power of your Revo, alter features of the car’s original performance from the following aspects:

1. Low mass turbo impeller construction lessens power drawn from car engines

2. Its auxiliary pressure port is used to boost fuel flow to the engine, enabling the engine to run smoothly from a full fuel cells o empty cells.

3. Increases horsepower of engine

Other Features Include:

1. The parts of the supercharger for the Revo are precision machines, made from high strength aircraft grade aluminum construction.

2. The chargers adapt to every .12, .26 RC engines

3. Blue anodized aluminum finish

4. The length of this supercharger for the Revo is measured as 1.50”, 2.00 is the width and 1.56” is the height.

Entire Package Of This Supercharger Incorporates Total 12 Units Of The Following:

  • 1 RB Nitro supercharger
  • 1 mounting bracket
  • 1 idler pulley
  • 1 belt
  • 1 chrome intake tube
  • 1 anti kink spring
  • 1 flexible 15” and 3-3/4 flexible tubing section
  • 1 two-shoe fly wheel
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 2 decal sheets
  • 1 engine performance sheet

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