Traxxas Planetary Gear Differential

Traxxas Planetary Gear Differential

Traxxas vehicles have many features which make them unique and different from others.  Many satisfied customers have given rave reviews about Traxxas vehicles and their performance.  But why is it that Traxxas vehicles perform so well? The accessories and parts that are used in Traxxas vehicles are top class.  Most Traxxas vehicles are designed in such a way that they leave others far behind when it comes to competition. The tires, the engine, the chassis, everything used in the making of a Traxxas vehicle are above the average and hence are long lasting as well.  One of these accessories is the traxxas planetary gear differential.  For those who don’t know, the differential comprises of the gears.  The function of the differential is to allow all four wheels to rotate at different speeds but at the same time making sure that all four receive equal torque.  This enables that all four wheels receive equal torque even during turns although they rotate at different speeds.

Why’s It so Good?

The planetary gear differential used in Traxxas vehicles is made completely of super hardened steel. All the gears within the differential are made of the same quality steel and hence give the maximum strength possible to the gears. Even if the car or truck is off road and requires optimum strength, the gear differential allows this power to the gear system and the rc car. This ensures that the car moves really smoothly and fast. If the gear differential is made of ordinary material, then it reduces the control and traction. Most other rc cars and trucks use ordinary planetary gear differential. However, Traxxas was the first to introduce the legendary steel planetary gear differential.

Maintenance is another factor that is working in the favor of this planetary gear differential. Most other gear differentials require a lot of maintenance including regular oiling, frequent check ups and are not half as long lasting as this one. However, the Traxxas planetary gear differential does not require any maintenance at all for quite some time. Once fitted, the gear differential continues to give maximum power output to all the wheels in the car and lasts really long. It’s the efficient design and make of the gear differential that makes this possible. This is only available in the Traxxas planetary gear differential. To find out where to get this product, follow the link below.

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