Tamiya Lunch Box Chrome

Revive Those Memories With The Tamiya Lunch Box Chrome

Tamiya has re-created the Lunch Box.  This one is an all time classic.  First launched in 1987, the Lunch box was a huge favorite amongst the masses.  It looked as if it was made for the camp.  Many people called it a mixture of the grasshopper and the wild willy.  The body like a box over those gargantuan tires is something which attracted the oldies and the young kids alike.  Now the Tamiya lunch box chrome is also available for purchase.  This monster van was not only famous for its unique looks.  It was also much appreciated for its rc performance.  The lunch box is a 1/12 scale RC car which has a body made of styrol.  The styrol used is of the shock resistant variety.  The entire styrol body is mounted over the tough ABS plastic frame.  The lunch box was tail heavy with front swing independent axle.  It also had a wheelie bar fitted on the rear to allow the monster to do mammoth wheelies.  It also has differential gear system to allow smooth flow of power during turns.  The gears are placed in a sealed gearbox so that it remains safe during race times.

The side grills, the bumpers and friction dampers are all made of metal to give the necessary sturdiness to the Lunch box. The wheels are of the 3-piece assembly type to make it look extremely realistic. Even the slightest touch on the transmitter will send the lunch box rippin’ at top speeds. The graphically painted body and the tinted glass add to the realism of the lunch box. With chrome plated metal grill parts on the side, the lunch box is a stunner as far as looks are concerned. In the performance department, the lunch box had some concerns. The suspension was one of the big ones – people who had problems with it usually decided to upgrade it. Some chose to upgrade the shocks with oil shock ups and some chose to add ball bearings. But after a couple of upgrades the lunch box became a decent racing machine with killer looks.

It had a 3-step mechanical speed controller which was pretty easy to control. The controller used by Tamiya was also unique. It was the 101BK ESC. This controller was widely recognized in the world of RC racing. The type 540 motor at its core enabled awesome power to the car. This when combined with those monster wide tires were pure thrill and enjoyment. To find out more about this product, click on the link below.

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