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The world of Ep buggy racing has never been the same ever since the Kyosho Lazer ZX5 hit the circuit.  It took everyone by surprise with its tremendous performance in the 2005 Japan Nationals.  The layout of the Kyosho Lazer is superbly symmetrical and hence the body weight is better distributed throughout the length of the car.  The rear mounting of the motor has allowed for better balance and hence superior maneuvering ability to the Kyosho Lazer.  The sale of the car has since then witnessed a huge surge and with the surge in the sales of the cars has also come a huge demand for the Kyosho Lazer zx5 hop ups.  The first in the list of hop up parts that deserves a special mention is the Kyosho Lazer blue conversion kit.  This is a kit that will further enhance your racing ability of the Lazer.  It enables superb balance to the car when it is jumping.  It will transform your Lazer into a super car with completely machined aluminum parts and a graphite chassis.  The chassis is also made from top quality carbon graphite and is extremely durable.

Besides this you also have the composite front and rear shock towers for the Kyosho Lazer zx5. These are made of composite carbon fiber and are light weight and durable. This is an upgrade that is recommended by most users of the Kyosho Lazer zx5. The Front Hub Carrier & Steering Knuckles are another hop up part that is highly recommended by racing enthusiasts around the world. The double nylon make of the parts make them the most durable one for your Kyosho Lazer zx5. So be it jumps or curves or slides, these will be able to bear them all with ease without bending or breaking due to the pressure. Get Kyosho flanged rc ball bearings for better maneuverability for your car. These are double lubricated and last long giving your car the smoothness during sharp bends and turns.

There is also a carbon composite light weight upper deck for the Kyosho Lazer zx5. All these carbon parts have one sole aim and that is to help your Kyosho Lazer zx5 attain high speed. But at the same time, they are highly durable. The universal swing shaft is another must add accessory to your wish list. These are tremendous support systems to all four wheels and make the Kyosho Lazer zx5 more efficient and reliable. The shafts do not fall out as well. This will lead to a longer life for your Kyosho Lazer zx5. To enhance the look of your Kyosho Lazer zx5, go blue with the completely anodized clamp wheel hub. There are other colors available as well but it depends on availability of stock.

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