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The New Form of Buggy Racing: HPI Baja 5b

The new HPI Baja 5b is different from other RC buggies in so many ways.  It’s a complete revolution as far as large-scale cars are concerned.  But if you have to race, then race big.  The Baja is the biggest that you can get in the 1/5th scale. The HPI Baja 5b is almost 32 inches long.  Smaller buggies can’t even dream to tread in the places where the Baja can tread. The long and narrow chassis is completely made of tough and durable aluminum.  This makes the Baja one of the most durable RC buggies ever.  The hpi Baja 5b is a stunner when it comes to looks.  Don’t be surprised at all if it makes heads turn wherever you race.  The suspension is a key characteristic in off road buggies.  The double wishbone suspension, which is a trademark of other Baja vehicles, can be seen in this one as well.  The suspension arms are also longer and hence ensure smooth travel off road.  The suspensions are now added with a hyper adjust piston which has an external adjuster.  So now there is no need to remove those shocks to adjust them.

The torque control is an absolute blast. You can control the differential with various oils and the power flow to the rear wheels can be adjusted smoothly. The traditional Baja roll cage is present in the hpi Baja 5b as well to protect the engine from bad bumps and crashes. There have been many instances in the past of RC cars not performing well due to interference from fuel tanks. The radio technology that Baja uses is hi tech and is specifically designed to eliminate any interference caused. The water resistant radio box also protects the radio gear. So now you have better controls and the car reacts instantly. Now that we are talking about controls and reactions, the braking system of the hpi Baja 5b needs a special mention. The brakes are one of the best that you will ever see in an RC vehicle. Even if the car is at top speed, the Baja will halt instantly at the press of a switch. It has a ventilated dual disc brake which is the result of high class engineering by Baja.

If you are looking to race a big buggy that’s freaking fast and easy to control, the hpi Baja 5b is it. The 23 cc gasoline engine at the core eliminates frequent refilling and gives the Baja super power. There has never been a car loaded with features like these in a ready to race format ever before.

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