Gpm 114 Tamiya Parts

Complete List of All The GPM 1/14 Tamiya Parts

There are loads of accessories and parts that can be used with the Tamiya 1/14 RC Model tractor trucks and the GPM tractor trucks.  Most of the gpm 1/14 Tamiya parts are high-end upgrades that can be added later on after you purchase the truck initially.  For example, you have the Tamiya 1/14 semi trailer.  This is an extremely realistic looking 1/14 scale semi trailer with paint, logo etc.  When fitted, it gives the truck the look of a real trailer that is ready to haul and pull out goods.  The entire trailer body is made of aluminum and features panels and opening rear doors.  This is as close as you can get to a real trailer.  You can also add some of your own creativity by painting it.

If you do not want the simple box trailer, then go for the tank trailer which is once again extremely authentic looking. A complete stainless steel body gives the tractor tank a sleek and shiny appearance. Small details like loading pipes, the stairs etc are plated with chrome to make it look real and sleek.

There is the flatbed trailer also which you might want to take a look at. Once again, superbly designed this one has a complete aluminum chassis and a wooden floored platform. The chains that are used around the trailer are also actual chains and when you take one look at the trailer, you simply cannot take your eyes off it. If the empty trailer looks bad to you, go for the poled trailer which has five huge poles all bound with chains ready to be unloaded. Once again, it’s made of tough aluminum. The pipes are a part of the package and you do not need to buy them externally.

If these were external accessories, we also have a complete electrical lights set. These include headlights, bumper lights, roof lights, brake lights, hazard lights, reverse beeper and the indicator lights which switch on automatically. All the light bulbs and wiring is of high quality and are long lasting. You might need some know how of dismantling the Tamiya truck before you install these lights.

We also have a complete Tamiya multi function unit which includes electrical control functions, lights etc. All the functions are activated with a 4 channel RC system. The movements and actions of the trucks are controlled by a transmitter. So now you can move forward, backward and also take the turns with this. This also includes the 20 LED set which feature high quality LED bulbs in three different colors for various lamps and lights in the truck. The headlights, fog lamps, position lamps and back lamp features a white LED. The roof lamp, blinkers, hazard lamp and speed indicators feature an orange LED while the tail lamps have a red one.

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