Fastlaneracing RC Cars

Fast Lane Racing RC Cars

Have you ever experienced life in the fast lane?  Ever felt the need for speed?  Its time you took a look at RC cars.  RC cars are electronic or gas powered mean machines that give you all the thrills of fast car racing.  RC’s as they are popularly called are fast catching on as a hobby in a country that is just looking for another way to calm down the adrenaline rush. But how do you start off with RC’s?  If you are a beginner, go for an electric RC car.  These are easy to maintain and should be pretty decent to have a starting run.  Once you are more familiar with the controls, maneuvers and tricks, then you can upgrade to fast lane racing RC cars.  The gas powered or Nitro powered ones are what we are talking about over here.

These little monsters can zip past you faster than you could ever have imagined. RC’s have topped speeds of 70mph with ease. The adrenaline rush of controlling something like that is not easy to imagine. You have to get some hands on experience to understand what it means. Car manufacturers like Team Losi,Kyosho, RC kenon, hpi racing have introduced a range of fast moving high performing cars that are as close as you can get to the real variety of cars. The Team Losi buggy is one of the most popular RC cars to ever hit the circuit. When they launched the most recent version of the buggy called the ‘8IGHT-T’ 1/8 scale buggy, they took the world by storm. The 1/8 scale buggy was huge. It was not only bigger than the rest but also technically far more advanced.

The gear pattern has been flipped off from the rear to the front allowing more weight to be concentrated on the center. The engine in this version is also the most forward and hence it results in low moment of inertia. If we put in across in simple words, it means that the 1/8 scale buggy will react more quickly to the controls. If you are a buggy fan, then this is one model of the fast lane racing RC cars that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

If you like RC cars and trucks then Kyosho ST-R is certainly going to attract you like hell. It has numerous resemblances to the buggy in body, engine design and handling. The large size combined with the ease in handling makes the Kyosho ST-R a favorite with most fast lane racing RC cars lovers.

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