Electric RC Titan Monster Truck 27MHz

Electric RC Titan Monster Truck 27 Mhz

The OFNA titan is the ultimate monster as far as racing RC trucks are concerned.  Built on a huge frame, the titan is a speed machine.  But of the two varieties of the titan, the electric RC titan monster truck 27 MHz is the more recommended version.  The titan is built on a huge double Decker chrome chassis.  The entire body is triple chrome plated and is a treat for the eyes.  The titan has a wider tire arrangement and hence looks real broad.  The whole body is 22 inches long and it also has an oil filled coil over the aluminum shocks that it is fitted with.  Experience the torque as the titan roars past you with gut wrenching speed.  The electrical version of the titan requires batteries and you will never ever run short of fuel to run it.  It is easier to clean and maintain as well.  In short, it reduces a lot of hassles for you that you would otherwise find with fuel driven RC trucks.

The electric RC titan monster truck 27 MHz is driven by a 14 volt electrical power system. It usually needs two 6-cell battery packs to go completely into action. The electronic controls are far more advanced and takes racing and braking to an all new comfort level. So now it will be much easier to go forward, reverse or simply step on those brakes when the monster is out of control. Now launch yourself into orbit with a massive wheelie and then go full throttle with the transmitter. And when you wish to simply stop, a finger on the brakes is all it takes. The fan-cooled motors in the center of the titan are the key to the massive torque that the vehicle has. The two-speed gearbox and the slipper clutch provide excellent control and traction. The 12 batteries at the center of the electric RC titan monster truck 27 MHz allow for a long run time and you do not have to run for frequent refills. The higher power also increases the speed of the truck. The two-speed transmission system is another highlight of the truck. You can keep it in low gear for tremendous acceleration and then with just the palm of your hand, shift it to high gear for the top speed. The unique design of the truck also offers a high ground clearing system so that it can easily climb over tough terrain where normal flat-bodied trucks usually suffer. The superbly painted body with graphics is pure visual splendor.

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