Cen Genesis .46rtr Huge RC Nitro Monster Truck 1/8 Scale

Complete Details About The CEN Genesis .46rtr Huge RC Nitro Monster Truck 1/8 Scale

Have you ever driven an RC truck?  Have you felt the thrill when it jumps over tracks and goes whipping past you at blazing speeds?  Can an RC truck ever have the power to reach those limits?  Yep, it can.  CEN has now created what can be called the ultimate in monster nitro trucks.  Enter the CEN genesis .46rtr huge RC nitro monster truck at 1/8 scale.  The genesis absolutely mauls competition in the face.  With a huge .46 engine at the center of its huge chassis, the genesis gives you power like you have never felt before.  When you have such power, you need to keep an eye on the durability of the truck as well.  If it’s not durable, then the power is a waste.  But the genesis is a truly durable RC truck.  It has a three-speed transmission completely built of steel.  The spur gears of the genesis are also complete hardened steel. It even has a dual vertical chassis, which makes the truck super rigid, and it can climb over hurdles and rough terrain effortlessly.

CEN Racing has created records of sorts with the .46 engine creating a whopping 5.0 horsepower output. When you have such a big engine and power, it means frequent refueling. So in order to prevent this from happening CEN has put in a huge 220cc fuel tank in the genesis. The fuel tank also has a stone fuel pick up and a ring seal to prevent any leaks. To enhance the radio experience and to avoid interference from dust, water etc, the radio compartment in the genesis is completely sealed. So now you have better radio clarity and superior controls. Another aspect which heightens the controls is the dimension X suspension. This one has an amazing level of flexibility in it. You can take it for rock climbing, track racing or even dirt racing as and when you wish to.

The super Heavy-duty Constant Velocity shafts allow the genesis to take bumps and jumps in its stride with ease. The shafts are made of super hardened steel to ensure longevity. The ten coils over shocks have also been introduced for the first time in an RC truck. This is also empowered with ten fully functional reservoirs which make them more effective. The clutch bells are in built with a cooling system to prevent overheating and the ultra stiff springs deliver the power when needed. The paint and color on the body are the best that you can ever get. Over all, the CEN genesis .46rtr huge RC nitro monster truck at 1/8 scale is a winner in all the aspects of RC racing. If you still haven’t got one for yourself then you are depriving yourself the pleasure and pride of racing the best rc truck of all times.

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