Bazooka 28 Engine 1/8 Scale Gas Nitro Petrol Car RC 4wd

Bazooka 28 Engine For 4wd 1:8 Scale RC Nitro Cars

This is an engine that enhances the performance of the car due to its simple design and advanced engineering.  It takes performance to a different level altogether.  4wd 1:8 scale RC cars were high speed racing demons that were built for pure speed.  These cars had a high speed record while they kept a low profile.  The controls were reasonably easy and the durability was also pretty decent.  But the cars frequently had troubles with the engine which often used to stall after start.  It was then that the research team combined with the engineering team decided to give the 4wd 1:8 scale RC cars a completely new engine.  The bazooka 28 engine for 4wd 1:8 scale RC cars came into existence in the core of the car and the rest is history.  The cars became more rugged after the bazooka was fitted but the controls turned smoother.  The cars now had a superb transmission with the plastic spur gears and the bazooka.  The bazooka is fast and reliable.  It takes a lot of stress and enhances the cars performance.  The end result is having a car that is easier to control and faster in speed.

The bazooka engine is also better equipped to cope with the cold weather storage. It does not attract moisture very fast and with just a few drops of after run oil, the bazooka will be as good as out of the box when you get your car out after winter. You will be excited to watch your car zoom away over the topography powered by the bazooka 28 engine. The bazooka also has a slide carburetor. This has a smooth flow of air resulting in lesser pressure – so your car will not be subject to sudden jerks or bumps due to engine interference. The bazooka is designed to hit top speeds of 80mph with ease. The promotional video is a prime example of what a bazooka 28 engine for 4wd 1:8 scale RC nitro cars can do to an ordinary racing car. The video shows the car jumping a roof with the bazooka. Though you will have to be a pro to do that stuff, you can actually get pretty close to that sort of action with the bazooka fitted on your car.

The car looks pretty good and can beat most cars heads up without any trouble. If you are an expert at tuning engines, you can’t really imagine the top speed you can hit with this truck. Over all, the bazooka 28 engine for 4wd 1:8 scale RC cars is one accessory that you can always bet your money on.

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