2 Wheel Drive Nitro RC Trucks

The Best 2 Wheel Drive Nitro RC Trucks Are Here

Traxxas has produced some of the best 2 wheel drive nitro rc trucks.  The Traxxas Jato, the Traxxas S-Maxx and Traxxas Rustler are all prime example of the ‘hi tech’ engineering and innovation in team Traxxas.  Take the Traxxas Jato for example.  The Jato is a prime example of the super features and innovative technology that is a characteristic of Traxxas.  The Jato can easily hit top speeds of 65 mph, do super wheelies off road and is really brutal when it comes to acceleration.  It’s one of the top selling 2 wheel drive trucks from Traxxas.  It has a torque controlled slipper clutch which makes it easy to control and maneuver around.  All these features make the Jato one of the most recommended 1/10 scale trucks ever.

The S-maxx is another monster performer from Traxxas. Once again, a 2 wheel drive, the S-Maxx is a maximum sized stadium truck. It comes from the the famous Maxx range of trucks. It has a two-speed transmission, super light wheels and amazing 2.5 horsepower output. This one hits a top speed of 40 mph and is quite less when compared to the Jato. But the S-maxx is built to race. The graphics on the body are top notch and the S-maxx is a head turner wherever you race it. One feature of the S-maxx makes it stand above the rest. This is the acceleration. The S-maxx has the best acceleration that you will ever come across. You will feel the excitement as the S-maxx goes from zero to top speed in just a matter of seconds.

The Traxxas rustler is another super 2 wheel drive nitro truck from Traxxas. Featuring a unique geometrically advanced chassis which makes it one of the best ones to handle, the rustler is a treat to control. The rustler is loaded with features. It has a completely anodized aluminum chassis and the slipper clutch, ultra shocks which are filled with oil etc. It can hit top speeds of 47mph with ease and if you upgrade the clutch bell, it can easily go over 50mph. The adrenaline will really rush hard as the rustler goes on the track performing insane top speeds and gravity defying wheelies. The chrome wheels are an addition that will stun you as it gleams when the rustler roars past you. The graphics are wild and so is the rustler.

Will a discussion of 2 wheel drive trucks ever be complete without a mention of the Traxxas stampede? The most dangerous and ferocious of the monster trucks at Traxxas, the stampede is not for the tame and the ordinary. The horsepower output of the stampede is absolutely brutal. The chassis is aluminum, gears are steel and the differential is also completely metal taking durability to a totally new level.

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