Cen Nemesis 7.7 Nitro

CEN Nemesis Is Wicked for Bashing and Burning Serious Rubber

Based off of CEN’s existing Genesis model, the nitro-fuelled CEN Nemesis 7.7 monster truck has a 7.7cc engine that gives you up to 5HP.  The NX76 engine is a pioneer among monster truck motors, and is specially designed for power and durability.  The engine also features CEN’s A.B.C. construction (Aluminum, Brass, and Chrome) that makes your motor last longer with a smoother power band.  Videos Below.

Born To Race

For tires, the Nemesis comes stock with 55 series Assault Racing Rims and low-profile Sniper race tires. A new addition to CEN’s parts line-up, the 55 series Assault Racing Rims are light-weight and designed mainly for racing. The Sniper tires are also low-profile for added stability, which can be an issue when your truck is this big. Beginning with the Nemesis, CEN is also now adding 23mm wheel hex hubs. Because of the power of the 5HP NX 76 engine, the wheel hex had to be enlarged to improve durability. The new wheel hex’s are 23% larger than the original design.

Born To Be Wild, The CEN Nemesis In Action

cen nemesis

Built With You In Mind

Because CEN Racing predicted the kind of terrain that Nemesis would have to withstand, they designed it with a strong Aluminum differential case that’s home to its 6-gear differential. It’s definitely one of the strongest differential systems developed in the industry up to date. The transmission housing is of equal strength, and is the first case in the monster truck racket to be made of aluminum. All this mumbo-jumbo basically makes for a more durable truck that can withstand tough terrain and almost anything you’re willing to put it through.


The CEN Nemesis can also be hopped up to a three speed with reverse, if the RTR version doesn’t appeal.

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RC Car Videos Of The CEN Nemesis In Action!

The CEN Nemesis Nitro 7.7 (Low Quality)

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