HPI Hellfire 1/8 Scale Nitro

HPI Hellfire: Raise a Little Hell

Another Addition to HPI’s Monster Truck Line-up

Ah Trooper… Well then, in lieu of the great Trooper, it’s time to pay tribute to the HPI Hellfire.  This 1/8th scale truck has been added to HPI’s monster truck line-up to up the ante in performance, agility and handling.  The Hellfire features an all-new suspension and steering geometries especially designed to enhance handling in monster trucks.
hpi hellfire

Smart Design

Most of the time RC truck manufacturers convert an already-designed buggy into a monster truck, but with the Hellfire, HPI came up with the blueprints from scratch. The new model offers smooth suspension movement over bumps because of its long suspension arms that pivot close to the centerline of the chassis. The suspension hubs are also pushed out into the wheels for more superior steering capability.

The Hellfire’s internal drive ratio is optimized for .21 and .28 race engines and monster truck tires. This optimization allows for faster speeds and better handling than your average buggy. Plus, a lower center of gravity allows for quick suspension response around corners and stability when taking on jumps.hpi hellfire pic 2 The Hellfire also comes equipped with HPI’s new Nitro Star K4.6 HO (High Output) Big Block engine, that happens to be optimized for single speed transmissions like the Hellfire.

The Hellfire’s K4.6 HO engine breathes through a high-flow dual stage air filter, and a hard anodized aluminum tube header and tuned pipe. The drivetrain features silicone filled front and rear 4-gear differentials and a center differential with a steel spur gear for durability so your Hellfire can stand the test of time. Also, adjustable front and rear disc brakes come standard with the Hellfire. To top it off, the Hellfire is lighter than the average monster trucks, allowing it to accelerate and decelerate quickly and giving it an advantage over heavier monster truck models.

The All New HPI Hellfire…Raise A Little Hell!!

A Matter of Convenience

As well as rethinking the way RC monster trucks operate, HPI Racing has also taken into consideration the needs of the Hellfire operator. Fuel tube and wire routing on the interior of the vehicle means less likelihood of damaging the internal workings of your Hellfire or of getting a fuel leak.

hpi hellfire pic 3

The Hellfire also comes with an internal fuel filter and batteries that won’t quit easily on you. The Hellfire’s 1100 mAh, 5 cell receiver Pack with 2hr wall charger has more torque than a typical 4 cell dry cell holder, and a longer battery life to keep you racing for longer intervals without annoying interruptions. All in all, the Hellfire combines convenience with power making it a worthy addition to the HPI line-up.

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RC Car Videos Of The HPI Hellfire

HPI Hellfire Doing A Back flip!!

Hellfire Bashing Clip!


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