HPI Savage 4.6 SS Kit Review

HPI Savage 4.6 SS Kit Review

One of the hottest kits from HPI Racing is the HPI Savage 4.6 SS.

The driving force behind this kit is its completely new 4.6cc engine that provides a maximum speed of 45mph.  Some exciting features of the 4.6 SS engine include an anodized billet aluminum head, 8.5mm composite carburetor, updated 47/17 gearing and a pull-starter.

Optional nylon roll cages are supplied with most with the 4.6 SS kit and are aimed at protecting the engine and heat sink. The roll cage can be fixed on to any Savage body shell and is recommended that you get one when purchasing this kit.

HPI Savage 4.6 SS Kit Rips Up The Dirt!!

hpi savage 4.6 ss

So why even bother getting this kit? Well, first of all, the Savage 4.6 SS kit is superior compared to the Savage 25 SS kit – as heavy-duty parts are used as standard equipment to handle the intense power output it commands. Most of the features of the Savage 25 SS kit have been upgraded in the Savage 4.6 SS kit ranging from the engine, carburetor, brakes, pull-start and rc servo saver to the tires.

The 4.6 SS kit also comes with an optional 3 speed transmission designed for durability and longer life which can be fitted on any Savage truck. This HPI Savage 3 speed transmission can be used to get higher top speeds and is available both in a kit version and as a completely assembled unit.

Can Anyone Say: Awesome?hpi savage pic 2

The HPI Savage SS 4.6 with its huge ground clearance, a 2-speed transmission, 8 long oil filled shocks, 4-wheel drive, a capacious 4.6 cc two stroke pull start engine and other upgraded features stands as a class apart as the biggest truck in he market today.

Features and Functionalities Of the HPI Savage 4.6 SS


HPI’s engine has an 8-part ABC constructed piston and sleeve set, a fully adjustable 3-needle 8.5mm oversize carburetor besides a polished aluminum header and a tuned pipe. The engine’s biggest asset is its .28ci, 4.6cc displacement that delivers tons of low-end grunt and gives it a quick start.

Light Weight Racing Wheels

HPI SS 4.6 is has “Dirt Bonz” racing tires with foam inserts and stylish 16-spoke chrome wheels. They offer plenty of grip. The Dirt Bonz tires, 40% lighter than the previous models, help in increased acceleration and reduced wear and tear.

Acceleration and Speed

The .28 big block engine provides axle-twisting torque and quickly pulls off a top speed of 39mph on the radar.

High-Speed Handling

HPI SS 4.6 runs with stability even at second gear speeds. The stability is delivered by its heavy weight also. The monster is made for jumping, bashing and climbing at high speeds courtesy its powerful engine.

Rough-Track Handling

If you use 20 wt Associated shock oil instead of the stock 10wt shock oil, you will be surprised by its much better performance on the rough race tracks, and in your backyard. The truck bounds easily through the rutted sections when driven in a straight line. This is helped by the plush suspension and smooth compression.

RC Car Videos Of The HPI Savage 4.6 SS

HPI Savage @ The Skate Park!!

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