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Everything About RC Car Components!

So you have your new RC car – but you don’t really know anything about it, right?  Well, that’s understandable, at one point in time everything is new to you.  With just a little bit of research, you’ll know everything you need to know to get your car in tip-top shape!

Knowing what your RC car components are and how to handle them is a good idea.  It gives you a solid foundation where you can  further your knowledge about RC cars and trucks.  Some of the major components in radio controlled cars are listed below.


The chassis is the skeleton of the rc car upon which all other components are positioned. Usually rc chassis are constructed from aluminum and sometimes contain carbon fiber reinforced polymer parts.


Main parts of the suspension on rc cars include oil-filled shocks and springs. The suspension absorbs the shock when traveling over rough terrain and on landing after a jump. Sometimes anti-sway mechanism is included in the suspension.


Gears, axels, engine or motor and wheels make up the drivetrain of a radio controlled vehicle. The drivetrain supplies movement to the RC car when power is applied.

Glow Starter and Glow Plug

The glow starter is a battery powered device which is used to heat the glow plug in a nitro engine. Once the glow plug is sufficiently hot it ignites the fuel in the engine cylinder.


Rc tires come in various sizes, are composed from various materials such as rubber and usually have foam inserts.


Nitro and gas rc vehicles have engines which run on fuel and provide power.


Motors are used on electric rc cars and they are powered by battery packs.


Bearings are used to make engines run longer and smoother and are incorporated in nitro engines.

Cleaning and Maintenance

All electric and nitro rc vehicles have to be cleaned and maintained and after run maintenance has to be performed periodically. After run maintenance involves, performing a visual inspection, wiping down the body, checking tires for damage, checking shocks and suspension and checking and charging battery packs. After every session of using an rc nitro engine the fuel tank has to be drained, the oil filter should be cleaned and oiled and after burn oil should be added to the cylinder head. A rough guide to rc components their cleaning and maintenance!

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