HPI Savage 3 Speed Transmission

HPI Savage 3 Speed Transmission – Best Upgrade

The HPI Savage 3 Speed Transmission with its steel gears can deliver longer drive, 10% higher top speed, 10% more torque and enables the trucks to go faster to reach the destination. Its combination with a high powered engine can transform the truck into a formidable opponent against any other monster trucks out there.

Two Options

The HPI Savage 3 Speed transmission kit is available in two options. The first is the 3 speed conversion kit (HPI 87220). If you wish to install this kit, you will have to disassemble and install the 3 speed parts into their existing Savage transmission. The other choice is the assembled 3 speed transmission (HPI 87218). Though more costly, it is a more convenient choice.

The installation of the 3 speed transmission kit delivers phenomenal performance to the vehicle. The lower first gear gives you a fabulous speed and a great bottom end punch. The taller third gear delivers better top speed. If you have a stock S-25 motor, stock 15/49 gearing and stock air filter and tires, you get a fantastic performance. The diff gears are pretty tough and they never create any problems. The gears are so strong that they show no signs of wear and tear.


Here is, however, a note of caution. When you intend to install the 3-speed transmission kit, call up the HPI specialists to get the correct settings on the clutches before you install it. If you inform them that you have a bone-stock Savage X, they may provide you with recommended settings and also a decent starting point. It must be noted that the settings differ according to the size of the tires, gear ratio and engine. So it would be advisable to get the right combination through an expert advice. You also need to get a wheelie bar because you may need it and the HPI wheelie bar is quite good. Once you install the 3-speed transmission kit, you are going to get tons of fun.

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