Traxxas Rustler Nitro & Electric

Traxxas Rustler: The Orange Road Demon

Although maybe not as quick as the Traxxas Revo or Traxxas Jato, theTraxxas Rustler is not to be underestimated in the RC truck world.  It’s flashy orange exterior, complete with ProGraphix painted body and shiny TRX Pro-Star chrome wheels alone are a definite selling point.  Who can resist flashy chrome wheels?

Rustler Gives Results

It’s not all about looks, however.  The Rustler doesn’t leave anything to be desired in terms of performance either.  The Rustler comes with the TRX 2.5 Racing engine, which may a bit weaker in terms of horsepower than the new TRX 3.3 engine, but still gives ‘er better than your average RC Trucks.  And with additional hop-ups (like a simple clutch-bell change) you can add more torque to your Rustler.

traxxas rustler

The Rustler comes ready-to-run with a tune pipe exhaust system, double deck T-6 aluminum and composite chassis, a Magnum 281 transmission with ball bearings, adjustable easy-to-change gear ratios, powerful disc brakes, extra long fibre-composite suspension arms and…breathe here, extra long high-volume oil-filled Ultra Shocks. This wide array of parts and specs offered deliver excellent handling because of proper weight distribution and precisely engineered geometric suspension. Speaking of great RC electric trucks check out the traxxas slash 4×4.

Check Out The Nitro Rustler In Action!

To decide for yourself whether you think the Rustler can cut it, check out a video of the Rustler rippin’ it up!

Can You Say EZ?

traxxas rustler pic 2

Also featured is the Rustler’s EZ Start system that provides for a quick, safe and easy way to start your RC vehicle while the system concurrently also checks for any functional issues your car may endure from wear and tear, etc.

Electric Is Your Friend

A component of the Rustler model that gives Rustler a competitive consumer advantage is that it’s available not only in a nitro-powered version like the Traxxas Jato and Traxxas Revo, but also in an electric version. Perfect for kids who aren’t interested in the higher maintenance end of nitro-powered RC vehicles, the Rustlers high standard of performance won’t disappoint.

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RC Car Videos Of The Traxxas Rustler

The Traxxas Rustler Jumps 3 Cars!!

The Traxxas Rustler Burnin Some Rubber!!

The Traxxas Rustler Will Leave You Coughing Up Dust..


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