RC Car Kits

Remote Control Car Kits

A great guide to remote control car kits is every rc hobbyist’s dream! For some of us, it’s not enough to just race RC cars; we need to roll up our sleeves, get down and dirty, and build our very own RC car kit.

RC Car Kits 2017 – With You In Mind

There are a range of rc car kits and rc package deals in the market. Finding out which one suits your needs is of importance.

We’re highlighting just a few of the newest top models from leading manufacturers for your review and helping you choose your very own – build it yourself rc car kit.

HPI Racing Baja 5SC SS Kit

How To Choose A RC Car Kit

The first thing you should know about RC Car Kits is that they come in two options…

  1. RTR – (Ready To Run) – Preassembled out of the box
  2. Unassembled – To build it from scratch (AKA RC Car Kit)

If you want a RTR rc car then you can go check out nitro or electric or check rc car reviews.

Remote control car kits are for building from the ground up. This has a great advantage as well, you will learn all the different rc car components and what they do, as well as learn how to fix them if they break/malfunction. Moreover if you buy a ready to run nitro rc car you may not know how to break in your nitro engine properly.

So… if you’re just starting out in rc you should stick with a electric rc car kit. Why? Simply put they are much easier to build and they’re cheap.

Radio control car & truck kits come in various different sizes anywhere from ultra small ( 1/64 scale ) to the largest gas powered rc car kits (1/5 scale ). With a gas rc car kit you will be in for a challenge because they have actual mini nitro engines in them like a real automobile.

Nitro/Gas OR Electric

When you build your own rc car kits they come in two types nitro or electric. What will you be using your rc car for? Here are some things you should consider…

  • Nitro rc car kits – You will get major power and speed with gas rc car kits and more of a challenge building it.
  • Electric rc car kits – Great acceleration, easier to assemble and generally cheaper.

Off-Road, On-Road, Buggies, Trucks & More!

When you build your own rc car kits you essentially put all control in your hands. We’ve covered nitro or electric now you want to choose where you’re going to drive your rc car.

  • On-Road – These rc car kits are meant to ride on road so you’ll get good speed, acceleration and maybe some rc car drifting.
  • Off-Road – gas powered rc car kits are king of the off-road. Great for bashing, short course rc car racing and also rc car buggies.

Please also don’t forget to check if the rc car kit is 2wd or 4wd this could make a difference in what you’ll be using your car for. RC car kits are also trucks, ford F-150’s, monster trucks, army tanks, oval racers, rc drag racers and much much more.

Ok that being said you can now go check them out and maybe make your choice.

~ RC Car Kits To Build ~

Top 3 – RC Car Kits For Kids

These three rc car kits are classics boys, ya can’t go wrong getting one of these rc kits for sale, some are cheap.

1.) Tamiya Blackfoot Kit


2.) Tamiya Lunchbox Kit


3.) Mini Cooper Kit

Tamiya RC Car Kits

Tamiya TXT-1 RC Truck Kit

Select picks of remote control car kits include the electric RC Ferrari FXX – TT01 from Tamiya America, Inc which is used for on road racing.

Another electric rc car kit from Tamiya and used for drifting is the RC Subaru Impreza Drift with 4wd.

Another 2wheel drive kit from Tamiya America, Inc is the RC Porsche 911 Carreraand RC Suzuki Swift Super. Tamiya America, Inc also produces the 1/14 TT Ferrari 643.

Top 5 Popular Tamiya Remote Control Car Kits

  1. Tamiya RC Super Clod Buster Kit – Metal Plated Special
  2. Tamiya TXT-1 Monster Truck 4WD Kit
  3. Tamiya 1/8 TRF801XT Nitro Truggy Kit
  4. Tamiya Enzo Ferrari TT-01 Kit
  5. Tamiya Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 TA-05V.2 Kit

Tamiya TLT-1 1/18 Scale Monster Truck

“TLT” stands for “Tamiya Little Truck,” and this rock buster is the first release in Tamiya’s new 1/18 Scale Little Gear Series, packing the power of a 1/10th scale vehicle in a mini-sized 1/18th scale truck kit.

One of the most versatile 1/18th scale vehicles available today, the Tamiya TLT-1 1/18 Scale Monster Truck kit is designed to use standard-size electronics: a 540 size motor, along with most electronic speed controls, standard-size receivers, and rc servos.

TLT-1 Specifications

  • Powered by a 540-size motor (not included)
  • Specially designed wheels and tires
  • Lightweight aluminum chassis
  • 4-wheel drive with belt drive transmission
  • 4-wheel steering capabilities (2 servos required)
  • Four link, push rod cantilever suspension with four aluminum dampers
  • Overall length is approximately 280 mm
  • Requires Tamiya TLT-1 Battery Pack and an electronic speed control

Team Associated RC Car Kits

SC10 Kits

The fastest remote control car in the world is an assembled L3 Oval racer fromTeam Associated RC cars with speeds over 100mph.

Top 10 – Associated RC Car Kits

Associated Team RC8TTruggy Kit

  • Associated 1/8 FT RC8T Truggy Championship Edition Kit
  • Associated RC8B Kit
  • Associated 1/8 RC8Be 4WD Buggy Kit
  • Associated TC5 Touring Car Kit
  • Associated Nitro TC3  Kit
  • Associated TC5R Kit
  • Associated B44 Buggy Kit
  • Associated RC10R5 Oval Kit
  • Associated SC10 2WD Race Truck Kit

HPI Racing Kits

HPI Racing manufactures a range of nitro and electric rc cars kits. Two of the nitro rc car kits available from HPI Racing are the Nitro RS4 3 18SS and the R40 Hara Edition. HPI Racing remote control car kitsalso has some of the finest electric remote control kits in shops these include the Micro RS4. HPI Racing also produces a range of Savage nitro trucks.

The HPI Savage range of trucks is available in kit versions and models include theHPI Savage X SS 4.6. HPI Racing produces a line of hop ups which include the Savage SS 4.6 hop up.

HPI Racing Blitz Electric RC Car Kit

Top 5 – HPI Racing RC Car & Truck Kits

  1. HPI Racing Baja 5SC SS Kit
  2. HPI Racing Blitz ESE 1/10 Offroad Short Course Truck Kit
  3. HPI Racing 1/5 Baja 5B SS Buggy Kit
  4. HPI Racing 1/8 Savage X SS K4.6 Kit
  5. HPI Racing E10 Drift With Mazda RX-7 FD3S Ki

HPI Savage SS 4.6 Kit with Nitro Star K4.6 Engine and Nitro GT-1 Truck Body

This evolution of the original Savage SS includes the features that made the SS so popular. This kit also allows you to build the kit to your exact specifications and customize the truck by adding options, such as our Reverse Module, anodized TVP/roll bar sets and Roto Start System.

HPI Savage SS Kit Specifications

  • Nitro Star K4.6 Engine
  • High Performance Polished Tuned Pipe
  • Dirt Bonz Tires
  • Heavy Duty Diff Shafts and Cup Joints
  • Adjustable Upper Arms
  • 8 Spoke Wheel Satin Chrome
  • Cam Type Servo Saver
  • Optimized Gearing Ratios
  • Heavy Duty Dogbones
  • Front and Rear Skidplate Bumpers
  • 2 Speed transmission
  • 8mm glow plug wrench

RC Tank Kits

There’s nothing like the sight of tank ready to take out another tank or objective. Tamiya makes great rc tank kits, here’s our list of the top 5 Tank remote control car kits!

Top 5 RC Tank Kits

Browse all RC tank kits for sale

1.) Tamiya 1/16 Super Sherman Tank Kit


2.) Tamiya 1/16 R/C Ger Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.J Kit (AKA Panzer Tank)


3.) Tamiya 1/16 Russian Heavy Tank KV-1 Full Option Kit


4.) Tamiya 1/16 RC Leopard 2 A6 – Full Option Kit


5.) Tamiya 1/16 M4 Sherman Tank 105mm Kit

Kyosho RC Kits

Kyosho America produces a variety of remote control cars and rc trucks. Some of the remote control cars manufactured by Kyosho America include the FW 05T Ferrari 360 GTC and MR-015 Chassis.
These cars manufactured by Kyosho America are RTR remote control cars not remote control kits. Kyosho also manufactures monster truck kits like the Kyosho Giga Crusher DF 4WD Nitro RC.

Kyosho Ultima RT5 2-Wheel Drive Electric Truck Kit

Kyosho RC Twin Force Scale 1:8 4WD Electric Monster Truck Kit

The ground-stomping Kyosho RC Twin Force Scale 1:8 Electric Monster Truck Kit is a “Hyper Monster Truck” featuring chaindrive and shaft-drive combination 4WD.


  • RC Electric Monster Truck Kit
  • Full Feature Decal Stickers
  • Instruction Manual

Required (But Not Included)…

  • 2ch radio control system with electronic speed controller
  • 1 servo radio control set
  • 8 AA batteries
  • 2 7.2V-3000mAh rechargeable batteries
  • Battery charger

Team Losi Remote Control Car Kits

Team losi has always been on the cutting edge of rc car kits, they go fast and they’re made to last.

Team Losi 8IGHT RC Car Kit

Top 5 Team Losi Rc Car Kits

  1. Team Losi Racing 1/8 8IGHT-T 2.0 4WD Truggy KIT
  2. Team Losi Racing 1/8 8IGHT 2.0 4WD Buggy KIT
  3. Losi XXX-4 G+ 4WD Buggy Kit
  4. Team Losi Racing 1/10 22 2WD Race Buggy Kit
  5. Losi XXX-T CR Racing Truck Kit

CEN Racing RC Car & Truck Kits

CEN Racing
 Products produces a line of pioneering gas powered rc cars kits and they are becoming increasingly popular. CEN remote controlled car kits are know for their ingenuity and some of them include the CT-4R Racing Sedan KIT and CEN CT4-R ARR.

CEN RTR Nitro Fun Facto ATX Buggy (2 Speed Transmission Pre-Installed) (45 MPH) Package Deal

Another great package deal with full options and upgrades are available, this one includes:

  • CEN Nitro Fun Facto ATX Buggy (2 Speed Transmission Pre-Installed) (45 MPH)
  • Trinity Nitro Starter Kit (Glow Igniter, Charger, 1qt Fuel, Cleaner, Wrench, Fuel Bottle)
  • 12 AA Alkaline Batteries

The remote control cars manufactured by Tamiya RC cars America, Inc, HPI Racing,Kyosho America, Traxxas & team losi offer the best value for your money.

They have some great rc cars for sale.

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