HPI Savage

The Cutting Edge HPI Savage!

Ahh… the HPI Savage. If you’re into RC trucks, chances are you’ve heard the name. If not, well, it’s time that you jump on the bandwagon!  See Pictures and Videos Of All The Latest Savage Models!

Being one of today’s best RC trucks available, the savage comes in a few different variations for all of you that are confused about hearing about the Savage X, SS, or E-Savage, etc. Relax, we’ve got you covered.  Here we’ll outline the different types of savage models, and the variations you can get them in!

Different Types Of Savages

RTR (Ready-To-Run)

First off, lets take a look at the RTR (ready-to-run) models available for the Savage. Remember, you can get various types of bodies for the savage – so if you’re browsing pictures online of the savage and start thinking ‘hey, that’s not a savage!’– chances are it just has a custom or different style body mounted on it.

HPI Savage RTR Models

HPI Savage X

  • This is the latest model of the savage, and one of the best RC trucks out there today. If you’re looking to purchase a savage, this is the one you really want to look at. Click to read a full review, with pros and cons – as well as pictures and videos!

HPI Savage 25 RTR

  • The savage .25 is an older (not that old though) model of the savage. It’s still a great truck, but not that great compared to the savage X. Read the full review with pictures and videos.

*HPI E-Savage RTR (coming soon)

Kit Form

Now, lets take a look at the various kits available for the Savage. A remote control car kit is a un-assembled version of your favorite RC cars or trucks. You get the pleasure of assembling it yourself! Kits offer greater customizability and also allows you to get to know your RC car or truck from the inside out.

HPI Savage Kits

 HPI Savage 4.6 SS Kit

  • One of the most popular kits out there, the savage 4.6 SS kit helps you build your very own savage!  With easy to follow instructions, and unlimited customization capabilities, the savage 4.6 SS kit is versatile for all your custom RC fanatics out there.

*HPI Savage X SS 4.6 Kit (coming soon)

*HPI Savage 25 Kit (coming soon)

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RC Car Videos Of The HPI Savage

HPI Savage Huge Air Time!!

HPI Racing – Super Jump!!

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