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Fastest RC Cars Shattering Speed Records!

World Record HoldersRadio controlled cars powered by electric motors and nitro engines are some of the fastest rc cars available to car hobbyists. Although, electric radio controlled cars outstrip the fastest nitro models on the basis of performance and speed. Here we will look at the fastest rc cars on the market, and provide you with the knowledge you need to make that all important buying decision. If you’re anxious and want to get started now, check out how to buy rc cars online today!

Holding the world record as the fastest radio controlled car, with a top speed of 134.4 mph was a modified electric car by driver Nic Case – who used Team Associated’s Nitro TC3 Model. Powered by 24 Reedy NiCd batteries, the motor spins at 54,000 rpm and pumps out about 2 hp ( see video below). The second fastest speed in radio controlled racing stands at 111 mph and was set by Team Associated’s L3 Oval racer. Coming in at #3 at 105 mph was George Estere with Team Associated’s L3 Oval Racer2 an electric dragster.

Quick Glance At The Fastest RC Cars

  • Team Associated – Nitro TC3 – Capable of speeds up to 134.4 MPH
  • Team Associated – L3 Oval Racer – 111 MPH
  • Team Associated – L3 Oval Racer2 – 105 MPH

 Top 5 Electric RC Car Guide For Beginners


Electric radio controlled cars are ideal in terms of building, maintenance and control. One of the best electric radio controlled cars is the HPI Dash RTR – an excellent car for the first timers.  With a top speed of 12-15mph this radio controlled car ranks high in areas of durability, quality and performance.

HPI Sprint

Another car is the HPI Sprint RTR an entry level touring car which can be upgraded. Hop ups can be used to push the HPI Sprint RTR to around 40 +mph!!

Nitro TC3 – Micro RS4 – & The Tamiya Tamtech

The Associated RTR Nitro TC3 is a 1/10 scale electric car created specifically for beginners racing in the competitive touring car class. While radio controlled cars like the 1/8 scale HPI Micro RS4 RTR are perfect for racing indoors and outdoors with friends. The latest trend in mini radio controlled cars is the 1/24 scale Tamiya Tamtech, capable of speeds over 20mph without modifications.

A look Into The Fastest Nitro Cars

While the fastest radio controlled cars are electric, gas powered cars are the fastest racing cars in lap races lasting 30 to 60 minutes. The fuel used in nitro cars contains nitro methane and the fastest nitro cars can exceed speeds of 80 mph. Some of the fastest nitro RTR cars are the Team Associated Nitro TC3 and OFNA LD3 RTR both of which are 1/10 scale touring and capable of speeds up to 40mph. These RTRs are recommended for beginners and are some of the cheapest and fastest nitro cars on the market . They are ideal for racing.fastest rc cars 3

Even Faster Nitro Cars

The fastest nitro cars to hit the higher end of the radio controlled car racing circuit and capable of 60mph and over, include the CEN CT4-SOFNA OB4 and Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec. The CEN CT4S is recommended as the best buy in this segment as it can reach 73.4 mph. It has as bigger engine and is cheaper.

Drag Racing and Drifting

Drag racing and radio controlled drifting is the latest craze sweeping the radio controlled car community. Drag racing provides head to head competition and racing is held by placing cars under different classes based on motor, number of cells and type of body. Drag racing is usually conducted over drag strips. Standard drag racing strips are 132 feet long or 1/10 replicas of a full sized drag racing strip. Dragsters have the best accelerating capabilities among radio controlled vehicles.

Drag Racing Videos

Multiple RC Cars Draggin!!

RC Rocket Car Racing A Car @ 82MPH!!

Team Associated Nitro TC3 (134.4 mph) World Record!!

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